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You play like a girl. You should smile more. Women are so emotional.

We’ve heard it all before. Sexist microaggressions, which are often wrapped up in racialized biases, make us doubt ourselves, whether we’re second-guessing a great idea, feeling self-conscious about our bodies, or receiving less pay or less respect. Seemingly small acts of sexism (like implicit bias, workplace inflexibility, and prejudiced hiring practices) contribute to the gender leadership gap, and that gap creates a culture where women’s work is devalued. It’s only a small step from there to devaluing ourselves.

AAUW was founded more than 135 years ago to help empower women and girls across a wide range of issues. But we can’t do it alone! Just as small acts of sexism can harm us, small acts of protest can empower us — and help build the change society needs. That’s where you come in.

Will you #StandUptoSexism?

I #standuptosexism Becase We have to I #standuptosexism Becase Masculinity is so fragile I stand up to sexism even when I stand alone I #standuptosexism Becase women's rights are Human Rights

We’re over sexism. We want to squash it for good. And one way to do so is to call out the problem. That’s why we’re starting an online movement in which women, girls, boys, men, and allies of all identities can take action to show that they don’t accept sexism.

Download our printable flyer, fill it out with how or why you fight sexism in your life, and share it with the hashtag #StandUptoSexism.

Ready for the next step?
We have more ways for you to take action.

Get Empowered

When it comes to sexism, stand up, don’t stand by. Here’s how you can organize, protest, and push back against gender inequality.

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Share Your Story

Do you have a story involving gender stereotypes, unequal pay, bias in the workplace, or other issues around gender bias? We want to hear it.

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#StandUptoSexism with Your Next Post

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Urge Your Elected Officials to Act

In just two minutes, you can make your members of Congress hear your voice on issues like health care and campus sexual assault.

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